ey if you wanna make a little extra money then read ahead

i just downloaded featurepoints, which is a smartphone app that lets you earn money through downloading free apps, playing them for like a minute or two, then go back and collect your points. you can delete the apps straight after.

your points can be redeemed for

  • amazon vouchers
  • paypal money
  • itunes credit
  • an ipad mini

it’s not on the app store, you need to use a referral link to download. don’t worry though, it’s not shifty, it hasnt fucked around with my iphone so far.

if you use my referral code when you sign up [8GP4RQ] too, you’ll get 50 points straight away

it seems to be legit, so you may as well give it a go

if you use my referral link/code let me know and i’ll thank you profusely/follow you if i’m not already